Iron Dome InsuranceTM is a proprietary consultative solution used by ultra-affluent clients on a global basis. It helps clients preserve and increase wealth, reduce taxes and protect them and their loved ones from predators.

Iron Dome Insurance can be the platform through which better financial solutions are achieved.

The program provides multiple levels of tax and non-tax benefits through uniquely designed Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) policies made available through independently owned US and non-US domiciled private placement life insurance companies. As with traditional life insurance, Iron Dome Insurance can increase and preserve wealth by providing tax-advantaged growth, tax-free income, tax-free access and tax-free proceeds. However, unlike traditional variable universal life insurance and annuity policies, Iron Dome Insurance does this without the costs, structural impositions and expensive mortality charges typically associated with insurance. How much each client benefits depends on their unique facts and initiatives. Past success is no guarantee of future performance.

The result is an ownership structure for your wealth that acts as a strategic defense platform. Properly deployed, it efficiently provides life insurance benefits and can permanently eliminate tax on the growth, income and distributions from most investment assets, all of this may be accomplished at a very low and fully transparent cost.

Iron Dome Insurance is far more than private placement life insurance. With the creative direction of some of the largest law firms from around the world, it becomes a strategic consultative financial construct that can be deployed by clients and their trusted advisors to build more wealth for multiple generations. Click here to learn how Iron Dome Insurance constructs can enhance new or existing variable universal life insurance policies and private placement life insurance policies.  

The Permanent Elimination of Tax

on Your Investments

By permanently eliminating tax on wealth based on today’s law, you gain the potential for higher net returns and accelerated growth, while reducing risk. Iron Dome Insurance obtains its wealth-DNA from well-established IRS tax code sections, revenue rulings and case law. Zero tax on wealth can mean more wealth for you, your loved ones and your charitable endeavors, without increasing risk to pursue higher investment returns.


Tax alternative missed opportunities

Missed tax deductions

Poor tax structuring

Tax factors that contribute to loss in wealth

Planning to the Left of Boom


“In the lexicon of risk management, clients need their financial planning to be to the left of boom. An effective Iron Dome Insurance strategy should be about risk minimization and not risk taking.” – Brad Barros, CEO of My National Family Office, Inc., and creator of Iron Dome Insurance. Proper planning should be implemented well in advance of causative events, such as the sale of a business, new investments into real estate, private equity, and IPO’s, the closing of a complex transaction, disability and ultimately, death. Iron Dome Insurance provides an efficient defensive platform to mitigate or eliminate many financial risks.

Iron Dome InsuranceTM is not affiliated with the successful Israeli missile defense system.

Iron Dome Insurance is designed to provide increased protection for you and your loved ones against the financial ravages of life.

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” Sun Tzu