Financed Life Insurance – The Emperor Has No Clothes

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    8 Best Practices For Financed Life Insurance

    By admin | Nov 26, 2017

    Financed life insurance policies are oft-prescribed but little understood vehicles that can have catastrophic consequences if used incorrectly. recently posted our top-8 suggestions as applied to financed life premiums. We encourage you to visit the list at – Brad Barros

Private Placement Life Insurance – Is it Time You made the Switch? Originally published in C Suite Quarterly

By admin | Oct 13, 2017

as paying taxes or provide for their families at death. Others use cash value life insurance to benefit from the tax advantages it confers, namely tax free accumulation, tax free access and tax free proceeds.

Tinted Windows: Seeking Transparency and Efficiency in the Wealth Industry

By admin | Sep 19, 2017

The DOL push created substantial challenges in communicating the new rules. Worse still, the regulatory shift from the ERISA rules born in 1974 now extend a fiduciary duty to advisors relative to IRAs Originally published in

The Tax-Deductible Juice May Not Be Worth the Squeeze

By admin | Sep 19, 2017

Some advisors say that, given enough time, a dollar deducted is like a dollar saved. But so-called truisms borne of the wealth management industry are often like magic tricks: the audience only sees what the magician fashions. Originally published in