Brad Barros Victorious in Litigation – Now a Leading Voice Against Baseless Lawsuits

By admin | Sep 19, 2017

A highly respected California CPA recently inquired about the value of litigation protection achieved through Iron Dome Insurance constructs that integrate private placement life insurance (PPLI). I had described a recent experience, when my company’s global service providers Greenberg Traurig ( and KPMG ( and I were recently sued for over one-half billion dollars.

Although nearly 15 years had passed since seeing or speaking with the plaintiff (who resided outside of the US), and litigation is never a laughing matter, the funny bit was that the plaintiff appeared thrilled to quickly settle for $20,000 once knowing aspects of Iron Dome Insurance were in place.

As our lawyer put it with a laugh, “Anybody can file a lawsuit; all you have to do is pay the filing fee.” True. But isn’t sad that we live in a nation where anyone with a few hundred dollars can create a messy situation for anyone else. And once a lawsuit is filed, the case takes on a life of its own.

Iron Dome Insurance solutions may add substantial protection from various costs and time consuming preparation related to certain aspects of litigation, giving wealth holders the security to breathe easier. This is a byproduct of knowing one may be immune to attack. Living in a time of litigation madness, that’s something to smile about.

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