1. You suggest
the investment management team
The team may include your existing wealth advisors. Ongoing policy investments may include assets of nearly all types, offered by nearly any financial institution, private equity firm, partnership, REIT or fund. Holdings may also include non-bankable assets such as real estate, private equity, artwork, intellectual property, yachts, race-horses, commodities, derivative contracts, options, warrants, and much more.
2. One World
Near Limitless Institutions to Safely Protect Your Wealth

You provide your Iron Dome Insurance team with your suggested list of trusted fiduciaries, banks, trust companies, trustees and custodians to hold and oversee your Iron Dome Insurance policy holdings. Your policy assets may be deployed in Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, or nearly anywhere else. Your choices are near limitless.

3. Comprehensive
Planning Solutions

Iron Dome Insurance adds to your existing wealth planning initiatives. There are numerous advanced planning solutions that may be incorporated by your legal and wealth management team to protect and accelerate the growth of your wealth, and to maximize the efficiency of succession planning.

The skill required to develop a comprehensive solution integrating Iron Dome Insurance with a client’s existing planning takes a high degree of professional acumen and many years of professional experience. Your existing advisors have access to authorities who are renowned subject matter experts, so that you may benefit from the Iron Dome Insurance platform in areas that can include insurance, tax, transnational planning, emigration, privacy, and protection. We work with nationally recognized thought-leaders from among the largest and most respected professional firms in the world including:

Professionals from these firms and others may assist qualified candidates and their existing wealth management team members in the design and development of comprehensive solutions that build and protect wealth in ways not possible without Iron Dome Insurance constructs.

To better understand how Iron Dome Insurance planning may add value to your existing wealth planning solutions, click here to access our white paper titled “Integrating Iron Dome Insurance constructs with traditional income and estate tax planning”.

4. Unparalleled

Iron Dome Insurance program was created to protect your wealth while comporting with all applicable laws. With proper planning, your professional advisors may incorporate a variety of proven techniques to assiduously protect your wealth and confidentiality.

5. Full Compliance
With The Advantage of Privacy

Once you are approved to participate in the Iron Dome Insurance program, all reporting to government agencies, including for FATCA and CRS purposes, is done in the name of your Iron Dome Insurance policy separate account. The ability to legally structure title and reporting obligations this way is highly valuable for US and non-US persons seeking a higher level of privacy.

Reporting is much more simplified. It avoids many of the complexities typically associated with hedge funds, K-1’s and international transactions.

6. Eliminating the Cost of Rated Insurance
Providing Standard Insurance for Clients with Health Problems

Many wealth holders come to us because their primary objectives are the living benefits of life insurance, such as tax-free accumulation and tax-free access to their wealth. For these clients, we offer solutions that can provide the required death benefit or “mortality component” at a tiny fraction of the cost of their present insurance.

Other clients are in search of “death insurance”, that is they want insurance that provides a large benefit at death. Sometimes these clients can’t purchase insurance through traditional resources for a variety of reasons, including:

Iron Dome Insurance provides solutions for each of these alternatives. If you or a loved one has serious health challenges and would like to learn more about how you can secure insurance issued by the world’s largest and most highly rated insurance carriers at lower rates, click here to learn how Irondomeinsurance.com private placement life insurance (PPLI) constructs can help you and your loved ones.