My National Family Office, Inc. My National Family Office, Inc.

If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution”…
Albert Einstein

It takes more than a team of highly skilled and trusted advisors working together to assist wealth holders. Success often demands more than a unified understand of a client’s clarified objectives. Its goes beyond making sure a client’s wealth is well managed and protected. It’s helping clients calm the chaos and stress related to complex and often uncertain financial and family matters, and helping them focus on their deepest hopes and concerns, to unlock their true objectives and ultimately, their purpose.

Without understanding a wealth holder’s articulated vision and purpose, many well-intentioned advisors miss the diagnosis. And without a proper diagnosis, the likelihood of discovering ideal solutions becomes random.

Once the ultimate objectives and a solution have been charted, there is an ongoing need to provide clients with the resources to develop, sustain and re-assess their chart headings in a dynamic world. For our part, we bring together a world-class team of independent experts to assist wealth advisors and their clients utilize My National Family Office, Inc. constructs.


Our Advisory Planning Team

Professor Jerry Hesch, JDOur Advisory Planning Team includes nationally renowned attorneys, actuaries and wealth advisors. These professionals herald from some of the most well known and respected law firms, insurance companies and investment groups in the world. They specialize in life and casualty actuarial services, US and international tax, insurance, emigration, compliance, international cross boarder taxation, wealth management, estate planning, private placement life insurance and life settlements.

Our outside team members work closely with our client’s existing advisors, providing expertise when needed.

Professor Jerry Hesch, JD

Bradley Barros

CEO, My National Family Office, Inc.

Mr. Barros is the founder and CEO of My National Family Office, Inc., and co-creator of My National Family Office, Inc. . Mr Barros is also the Senior Special Risk Consultant to the Rodnunsky & Associates law firm (R&A).

R&A is a leading state-wide estate, tax and litigation law firm in California, providing advanced planning solutions to over 200 ultra-high net worth clients in and out of the US. Accordingly, Mr. Barros maintains offices in Los Angeles, CA and on the east coast.

Mr. Barros co-founded and directed a boutique global insurance company that developed
approximately $2 billion in alternative insurance risk from 2003 until 2011, in conjunction with a global joint venture with a global NYSE accounting firm. He also served as a board member and director of other insurance companies during that time.

Earlier in his career he formed two national networks of wealth advisors, one of which provided financial planning services for the Oxford Club, with over 30,000 members. He later co-founded a principle guaranteed annuity program with sales operations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.